Making the right decision about the under cabinet lighting in your kitchen is very important because the proper lighting can accentuate your countertops and make the room brighter.

At this time on the market, there are two main categories of under cabinet lighting.

High voltage lamps that use 120V and can be connected directly to the electrical system of the house and Low voltage luminaires that require a power supply and use 12VDC and 24VDC.
The difference between them (besides the power required) is that the high voltage lamps can be pretty bulky and come in standard sizes and cannot be hidden under cabinet trip molding.
The low voltage luminaires are super thin (our lights are up to 1/4 of an inch height and 5/8 of an inch width) and are easy to hide under cabinet trip molding. Another factor is that the lights can be cut to fit your cabinets so you will not have spots of light on your countertop.

Another aspect of choosing the right under cabinet lighting is Color Temperature. This range from 2700K (warm white) up to 6000K (cool white). Colors over 5000K are called cool colors (they tend to be bluish) and are not really recommended for residential use.
Usually best practice is to match what color temperature you have for the rest of the lights in the house but lately, the trend is to go with 4000K which resembles more with daylight.

Color Accuracy or Color Rendering Index (CRI) is very important in choosing the best under cabinet lighting. The higher the CRI is the better quality of light is.
Color Rendering Index is a numerical value up to 100 and would be given to a source identical to daylight. Light sources with a CRI of 85 to 90 are considered good at color rendering and over 95 are excellent. Our lights have CRI of 97.

Light output, measured in Lumens is a measure of the total quantity of light emitted by a luminaire. Best practice when choosing the light output is to use dimmable LED lights. Our lights are dimmable and using them you can eliminate the eye strain from a bright light especially at night. Dimmable LED lights can be used as accent lighting to focus light on a particular area, in this case, the countertop.

The downside with using dimmable LED lights for Under cabinet lighting is that they require a dimmable power supply (magnetic transformer) and a dimmer which can add up to $150 to price. But like with all LED lighting the price is going down with time.


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