In this example we have an outlet that is controlled by an wall switch.
Usually the best place to install this outlet is in the cabinet under the sink because there is plenty of room to hide the power supply for the Under Cabinet Lighting.

Most important step in installing Under Cabinet Lighting is to pull the low voltage wire in walls from under the cabinet to the location where we will have the power supply.

Best practice is to pull the wires if its possible before drywall. In this example we already had the backsplash installed when we took the pictures but we pulled the wires for Under Cabinet Lighting before that.

As you can see in picture there is one cable from under the cabinet going under the sink.

Step 1

Pull the low voltage from under each cabinet where you want to install Under Cabinet Lights to the location where you will have the power supply.
Usually we put the power supply under the sink.
You can see the white low voltage wire that will be connected to our lights.

Step 2

Have all the cables from under the cabinets in one place close to the outlet where you will plug in the power supply.
In our case you can see the outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. If you wonder why there are two outlets, the other one is to plug in the dishwasher.
We installed a 4 in. Square Single Device Mud Ring and pulled the wires for Under Cabinet Lights through it so we can screw in a plate later.
In this example we choose to put the power supply under the sink.

Step 3

Connect the power supply with the low voltage wire coming from under the cabinets.
In our case we have a dimmable power supply. Most dimmable power supply for Under Cabinet Lighting do not have the wiring done. You can see how to wire a dimmable power supply here.
We drilled a 1-Gang Blank Wall Plate and pulled the low voltage wire coming from the power supply through it so all the connections with the wires coming from under the cabinets will be hidden.

Step 4

Strip each wire using a wire stripper 1/2 and twist the wires together.
You have to be careful of polarity of wires. In this case it was black on black and red on red but with our lights, the wire that has a white line is + or positive.

Step 5

Put all wires in wall and screw in the plate.
Plug in the cord in the outlet switched by a wall switch.
Check here how to connect the wires from under the cabinet with our lights.

This is how your Under Cabinet Lighting should look like

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