8 motives why you should choose to do your Home Lighting Automation with RadioRA2.

- Declustering your switches. Instead of having a 5 gang switch you would have a single keypad with 5 buttons.

- You will not have to turn on all lights to choose the one you really needed. Even your guests will now know what switch turns on/off what light because every keypad is engraved.

- You are ready to leave your home and you forgot a light on? No problem. You can program a button to turn off all lights in your house.

- You came home and you want to turn on all lights? You can do it.

- If you want to program schedules for the outside light to turn on/off to preset hours or depending of the sunset/sunrise.

- Everything is on your phone/tablet.

- Economy. You can set your lights to trim to 70% at preset hours.

- Scene creation. For example you can set your lights to dim at a certain hour before sleeping.